Updating how to date out of your league

Just like this Redditor realizes: Alternatively, if you’re not in your ideal job yet, then showing your employment information might hinder your Tinder success…The little thing under everyone’s profile that said when they were last active has been removed.

Now you won’t be able to tell if the girl you’re talking to has just been away from Tinder… Users now have the ability to change the way recommendations are ordered when swiping through profiles. Note: The Tinder blend has only been released to the Australian market so far.

This blend option reveals all of the people that Tinder wouldn’t usually show you… Here’s what happened – these are the first 10 girls that came up in my recommendations while using Tinder’s popularity blend.

So they’re the hottest and most beautiful women from your country.

There are two views to this change depending on where you stand.


This is a very interesting function that will let you see the most attractive Tinder profiles.This was getting interesting, so I thought I’d explore some other regions of the world (on Tinder that is): Baghdad definitely seems to be a unique place.



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