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You may ask this question; what is difference between Patch Set and Patch Set Update?I will try to answer to that question in the following paragraph.The first digit is the major version, in our case 11g.The second digit is the release number, in our case it is release 2 also called (11g release 2 or shortly 11g R2) with major upgrades and major new features.Definition: Yesterday, (14 September 2011) Oracle released Patch set number 3 ( on Linux x86 and Linux x86-64 (refer to My Oracle Support 10404530 for download. Patch Set is the The fourth digit, component specific release number of Patch Set Update is the fifth number; Every 3 months or so, Oracle Support release a Patch Set Update (PSU) to fix Patch Set bugs and does not add any new features to the PSU.Now, you may ask what about the other 3 digits; the first, the second and the third?

Since, we are going to patch a RAC (Real Application Cluster) environment, we should apply this patch number.In the case, you need to patch only the database, you can use the patch number: 12419331.



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