Updating iweb

(This advice does not necessarily apply if you are using a program other than i Web to create your website.) For example, let's assume your website is called "Family Trip", and when you use i Web's Publish to a Folder command, you tell i Web to put its files in a folder called "My New Website." Once i Web is done publishing your files, in the Finder you will see: My New Website (folder) Family Trip (folder) For your website to work correctly, you must be sure to upload both that index file, and the "Family Trip" folder (the folder with the name of your website).That is, upload the entire contents of the "My New Website" folder, but don't upload the "My New Website" folder itself.In Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose Empty Cache.Then quit your web browser, open it again, and visit your website and see if your changes appear now.Check to make sure you uploaded your website files to the correct folder on the server.On many servers, the files that make up your website must go in a specially named folder, for example, one named "public_html", "htdocs", or "www" — the exact name of the folder will depend on your server.

When you are trying to upload webpages, usually this means you should contact the web hosting provider that you have signed up with or your Internet service provider.

See the What do I enter in the hostname, username, and password fields? If you still don't see your changes, next empty your browser's cache.



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