Updating jdk

I just got an Java update notification that Update 17 is out, so I ran the update and found that only my public JRE was updated. Is there a way to have the latest JDK automatically when it's available?

Of course, the update shouldn't get rid of old versions.

That should be done manually since Eclipse is still using the old version.

Once I've updated my settings I would delete the old JDK manually. If you are getting your JDK via a linux distro with an auto-updater, you could depend on that. I do not believe that there is any Sun-supplied auto-download for the JDK.


Some Java versions contain bugs that cause problems with Confluence, and as such shouldn't be used.Cold Fusion can run only on top of JDK or JRE with Server VM. i think the eclipse 3.1 comes built-in with jdk1.4. How do i configure my eclipse to make use of jdk1.5 (my ecliple is installed in d:\ and jdk1.5 in c:\) D:\eclipse\-vm C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\jre\bin\javaw -vmargs -Xmx512M -Xms256M This is the command i used in the target section on eclipse3.1 i got an error (jre or jdk must be avaliable to run eclipse)Thanks for the reply Jay, The installed jre that is displayed on the window(window/prefrences/java/installed)is C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06.Plus, Sun's Java download site has a few irritating click-through screens using long URL's full of ID's and such before you actually get to download the installer, so even the auto-download part wouldn't be a walk in the park.


You could write an auto-download script yourself to get the latest JDK installer, just make it a scheduler task and it will run every night.

The problem will be installing the new JDK, since I doubt the installer has a non-interactive mode.



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