Updating magellan roadmate 1200

I liked this feature when I used and reviewed the Maestro 3140, but wished it was better integrated with the rest of the system.PC Mag also mentioned that the larger unit and speaker made for plenty loud turn directions; not bad and maybe another nod to the aging demographic.Ok; long story short, it appears the Magellan Road Mate 1200 falls short on the quality needed to get people to stay with the Magellan name, according to a recent review by CNet, where they thought the unit fell short in a few key areas.CNet saw that slow performance in a couple of areas really brought the experience and overall usability to a screeching halt.Craig Ellison liked the unit and thought the routes generated were reasonable.

The Maestro 5310 5-inch screen offers 35% more viewable space than regular "widescreen" units are 4.3-inches measured diagonally.

Those battles are fought with deep discounts, specials where a dollar difference can drive units off the shelf by the dozen.

The issue is that with so many people coming into the GPS market, and buying an entry level unit for their first unit, you really need to lock them up with a great experience, so when they are destined to upgrade you keep them as loyal consumers, and they upgrade within your line.

Slow at registering inputs had them waiting after screen taps so that they said they "Spent a lot of time looking at the hourglass", while some sluggishness in turn commands had then getting the command as they were passing the street they needed.

The Magellan Road Mate 1200 is a standard screen unit, 3.5-inches, with maps of the US (48-state), and 1.3 million POI (A little on the short side for my tastes).Read More on the CNet Review of the Magellan Road Mate 1200 At Amazon - The Magellan Roadmate 1200 The Magellan Maestro 31 series was introduced a while ago and in the meantime the Magellan 3200/4200 series has been introduced, bringing a fresh face and a few more features to make the line more enticing.



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