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As mail scanner is configured with Regex rule on subject and finds a matching Trouble Ticket linked to Customer, it updates the comments with the email body.4: When support team update their comment, an email is sent to Customer again.Lets say I tried to do that with creating a new rule something like this.. Help Desk Handler will send a acknowledgment email with more information on how to respond further to Customer.The email subject looks like “TT15 [Ticket Id: 1483] Test Trouble Ticket” 3: Customer replies to the acknowledgment email keeping part of the subject intact to [email protected] CRM sends an email to a client saying that admin has made modifications to the ticket.Lets say Client wants some changes, so he replies to [email protected], a new ticket is raised because a new mail as arrived and mail scanner creates a new ticket.


scans for the new email and if found creates a new ticket.

If admin sees a new ticket which is being raised in Trouble Tickets, makes some changes such as assigning it to someone, or making a comment etc..

I am a newbie to VTiger, I am using the 5.2.0 version to try, learn implementing Issue Tracking.

Intro: A client sends an email to say [email protected], Mail Converter or Mail Scanner..

The following steps will help us achieve this functionality Step 1: Setup Outgoing Mail Server If your Outgoing Mail Server is Gmail, the following settings should work for you DEFAULT Information Scanner Name DEFAULT Server Name imap.Protocol imap4 User Name [email protected] Type ssl SSL Method novalidate-cert Connect URL {imap.gmail.com:993/imap4/ssl/novalidate-cert} Status Enabled Scanning Information Look for All Messages from lastscan After scan Mark message as Read Rules For Mail Converter [DEFAULT] Priority From To Subject Regex Ticket Id[^:]?: ([0-9]+) Body Match All Condition Action Update Ticket Priority From To Subject Body Match Any Condition Action Create Ticket Setting this information is one of the important step for autoticketing.



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