Updating maps on tomtom

A few year ago - tomtom tried to make a move and take the business "high ground".

In a bid to guarantee their future (in the satnav market) they tried to buy up (for a world beating 2 billion) the main map maker - Tele Atlas.

They have found perhaps that they are driving through" fields" because the roads are not on their maps.

Perhaps also they travel for work and need to locate newer postcode areas, or find locations like B&Q, Homebase, Tesco, Sainsbury, Esso, ASDA or any other major retailer.

We accept that you may need some new maps, however before you start looking all over the internet and involve yourself in a lot of time and effort - we suggest you glance through this short and helpful article.

Lets explain one thing from the start: There is no such thing as a "free map".

if you want to try and get something for nothing - then at least read what we have to say.


Here at Landis Media, we employ 5 people just to update the location and POI information which we supply. However - maps are so much more complicated than locations.

Creating and updating maps takes a lot of people and an awful lot of time !

There are just two major map suppliers - Tele Atlas and Navteq and they have massive teams of people working on this.

Arch rivals to tomtom - Garmin fired back with an anti-monopoly lawsuit to derail the whole thing !

That's because you have a lot of points to make up just one section of road.Maps are now extremely closely linked with satnav's that they are almost inseparable now.



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