Updating mcafee causes winsock error

This enables the computer user to have their system automatically updated.

Vital updates are normally released by Microsoft every month.

This is all good if the software works correctly, but sometimes your computer won't allow an update. If you get Windows Update errors, don't ignore them and skip updating Windows.

The developers don’t release patches just for fun; they do it to fix holes in their system which can affect your computer's performance.

PC Health Boost is a software tool that automatically repairs PC registry errors.

The free version of this software repairs file association and font entries, and allows you to remove startup programs.

System: Win XP Pro, 32 bit, SP3 Athlon based home built PC Problem: Windows Update crashes IE every single time it tries to install the latest version of WU. I click 'Install' when it asks if I want to install Windows Update and IE just stops immediately. Tried these: - tried all appropriate steps, not every file registered (4-5 were not found) and resetting winsock did not work as the ommand was not found.


Once download is complete follow the instructions to install and run.

Windows update errors are often caused by missing registry keys or DLL files. To prevent further damange to your system, it is recommended that you immediately repair Windows update errors.

Potential risks include: blue screens, pc freezes, and permanent damage to your PC.

Upgrading to the premium paid version allows you to fix all registry errors.

Microsoft bundles software with each copy of Windows called "Windows Update".

If you are seeing constant errors when trying to use Windows Update, then you need to fix them soon to avoid becoming the target of hackers. Recommended: Run PC Health Boost to repair Windows Update errors and other associated registry problems.



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