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Our air conditioner would randomly stop working but we were comfortable enough so we did not complain. First of all Thank you very much for taking time to publish the experience of recent stay at our hotel. Good Morning, First of all I really appreciate the time you took to publish the experience at our hotel. My only gripes were that the bed sheets on both bed had stains and were in dire need of replacement and the parking lot is kind of difficult to navigate.

I really think it is very critical for the success of our hotel and also to determine where we lack & where we do good. I would have liked some cold cereal.coffee was great and was available all day. Weather it is bad or good, It is always important to navigate our team efforts. The breakfast and coffee were very good and it was an overall enjoyable place to...

to make me go longer than my thoughts is someone elses Good Afternoon, First of all thank you very much for taking time to publish your feedback of recent stay with us.

While you gave us a decent score there are some things where we dropped the ball and I want to apologize on behalf of my entire team.

I assure you we will work on the issues to make the...

location is right near the highway in a weird place.

I am really glad and want to thank you on behalf of my entire staff that you enjoyed your stay except an issue that was mentioned. This hotel is nothing special - could use a little cleanup and paint but it is nice, offers easy parking, easy access to the Highway, is pretty quiet inside.

The breakfast is what you expect at a budget hotel.

The hotel was close to the main highway which was nice.

It did have a weird smell and the front desk ladies were not very welcoming.



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