Updating modern style exterior


“The bright color makes the house stand out,” he says.The exterior of a home is a vital component in its overall value—its the first clue buyers (or renters! A home’s curb appeal is a major factor to be considered when buying or selling a home.



“We wanted it to be playful and a little silly, so we took it in a Tim Burton-y sort of direction.” See more at: Lonny New paint and landscaping make a massive difference on the façade of this home in Delaware.Classic gray paint with crisp white trim modernizes the home while still keeping it utterly classic.See more at: Houzz In Dallas, a historic Craftsman-style home that had fallen into disrepair is given new life thanks to this amazing transformation.Adding a railing to the front porch, updating the columns, replacing the roof tile, and spending some time on landscaping really make for a dramatic upgrade.

Reimagining the front entrance and tweaking one of the front windows add classic architectural interest to a home that was previously drab and dated.

Landscaping also worked wonders to make the drab exterior feel fresh and new.



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