Updating mp3 info

Foobar 2000 (Free) Can do some advanced encoding... db Power Amp () A small, right-click type utility that makes encoding an mp3 a snap.

Good for one-off conversions, and has great batch capabilities too. x ACT (free) A powerful, yet lightweight audio conversion utility.

One solution is to add the "Date Added" field to the header-view, then sort the list accordingly.

But you still have to contend with the file sitting there in your library.

Variable Bit Rate (VBR) should reduce the file size while maintaining the same perceived audio quality but slower to encode and drains CPU cycles during playback / decoding.

- OK your way out to finish the setup - Now you can right-click on files within i Tunes and choose Create MP3 Version - When the file is done, right-click on the newly created file and choose Show Song File Messy And here-in lies the problems, the MP3s that get created go back into the library, and so you now have 2 seemingly identical files.

Higher quality means: - Larger file size = consumes more bandwidth - Takes longer to download / encode / decode Voice Recordings You can go into the custom settings and drop down to 64 kbps mono.

Max Quality If you really want to impress, use the custom settings and go to 256 kbps with VBR turned on. VBR vs CBR Constant Bit Rate (CBR) is simpler and faster.


Switch () One of the most stable and comprehensive multi format audio file converters available and is very easy to use. To create mp3s using i Tunes we need to change the preferences so use a different import setting.

Audio-Convert () A nice option that you can get from the App Store. By default i Tunes uses the AAC codec to import audio files into the library.



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