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When your Bold 9900 is connected to the Black Berry Desktop software, the upgrade option will be displayed on the screen.

Select your preferred language, then click on “Suivant”.

The application can be downloaded at the following address: It is recommended that you download the application, evenif you already have it installed on your computer, to ensure that you have the latest version.

For instructions on how to update your phone using a computer, please visit this link.

Note: you will need to use a computer to upgrade your Black Berry OS, as software updates through an Internet connection are not supported by your Black Berry.



Important points Using Black Berry 10 device The first method is checking, installing and updating the Black Berry 10 software using the device, for which users are recommended to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.A free Black Berry operating system upgrade is available to Videotron subscribers who own a Black Berry Bold 9900 device. Procedure Go to this link to download the latest version of the Black Berry Bold 9900 software Select “Videotron” and go to the next screen. Accept the contract terms and conditions, then click on “Suivant”.



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