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What we want to achieve at the end of the next two blog posts is actually very doable. OAuth Db Context class is derived from Identity Db Context class as you see.

After this blog post, we will expend our needs and build on top of our existing solution with the upcoming posts. As mentioned, our application will evolve over time with the upcoming posts. At the time of writing this post, visual Studio 2013 had the old ASP. For certain grants, the client doesn't need to have a secret but for "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant", it's mandatory.

That's why this post will be a little bit detailed about how you could set up the project and we will only cover building the OAuth server part. So, this post will only cover the minimum requirements. I used the provided project templates in Visual Studio 2013 to create the project. NET Web API bits and it's worth updating the package before we continue: The OAuth authorization server and the ASP. This package provides several useful extensions you will use while working with ASP. The client is also allowed for only one grant, that's all.



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