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Without disconnecting your phone from the PC, go here todownload Nokia Software Updater: NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER PAGE Download link for NSS: Downloaddude you forgot to add that after changing your firmware code, the nokia software updaterhas to have an active internet connection to update your firmware.(i use HIREST at home)and downloading and installing the update took the better part of 30 not try this without an internet nokia software updater progamme is like 15mbif you do not have a connection that can download 70mb in no time, please do not try thistrust me i killed my N73 twice last year doing this good thing is that once flashed the phone, all was you own the music edition already, do not bother cause the only major thing it adds is nokia is my contribution.cheers. 82Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.This means it is not really possible to determine the new features and improvements of the new firmware version.You are probably wondering why you should update the phone if everything is working as intended.This is actually a good question and I can't answer it for the phone that you are using.



download the software tool NSS (Nemesis Service Suite) (NSS103812) (download link below)2.Extract the tool from the archive and install it.3. Now open NSS tool, in the upper right corner there is an iconin a shape of “magnifier”, press it to find your attached device. YOUR PHONE SHOULD NOT BE IN OFFLINE MODE (ACCORDING TO ME SILENTMODE IS THE BEST WHILE DOING THIS SO NO ONE DISTURBS YOU AS THEVIBRATION CAN DISCONNECT UR PHONE )2. In the end u should have a brand new N73 Music Edition with new Music Player and 2-3 new themes Now get your phone data from the backed up file on MMC like that: Tools/Memory Card/Options/Restore from card.



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