Updating nexus records

Boldbeast Call Recorder for Android can fix recording issues above for almost all phones, recording calls clearly and loudly in two directions. The FREE version is sufficient for a common user to use.Download Boldbeast Android Call Recorder V9.0 Android Call Recorder Download it from Google Play This app is free. If you are a professional user you can purchase a Register Code to upgrade the app from the FREE version to the PRO version.After paying the register code will be generated within several minutes.Please open the app in your phone, click the Restore button in the "About" screen to get the register code, the app becomes the PRO version at once.Due to regular firmware updates, maybe some features don't work on your phone.Please install and test the FREE version prior to paying. No need to pay again, just transfer the license you bought for an old Android phone to the new Android phone. Transfer License Boldbeast Android Call Recorder supports following phones: Q: What is "root a phone"?


No matter you buy it from Google Play, Pay Pal, Avangate or other channels, no matter you buy it directly from your phone or buy it on this web page, you can restore the register code you bought to your phone after paying.

The register code is a lifetime license, a device only need to buy once.



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