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MAME's purpose is to preserve decades of software history.The entire chd set is about 370 GB You can download them via torrent here, but you need to play by their rules. Edit: This is where i get the MAME32 and GUI versions of MAME and all accessories... The page takes a long time to load, all I did was add a / after the download address to get this page to show up to where you can download the CHD's individually without having to download the whole thing. https://ia800304..._0.161_Also check here for Artwork files. Download and place zipped files into artwork folder in MAME folder. I don't believe that those particular games have CHD's..i will send you PM to a link to all the BIOS ROMs for MAME, i just figured they were included with the other ROMS PACKs. From the link i sent, start with 161 which is full set...download each update...162....163...164...overwriting any roms it asks. Just might take you a while to find download button. Also check here for sound samples for some games to have proper sound emulation. Today I stumbled across an old CD I have full of MAME ROMs.I thought I’d see if you could play them in OS X, and sure enough it’s actually quite straight forward. I'm afraid if I update to a more recent version, then the games that currently play will stop working. Thanks updated to 0.170 and now centipede gives me this error but the others games still play. Just need to know how to resolve this or where to obtain any missing chdfiles if possible. If you install MAME 170, you will need all the roms and other things that were changed for the MAME 170. If your last update was 151, you will need to download the MAME 160 pack and all the update packs overwriting any roms as you update to next version from 160 up to 170.



Don't know if this is due to outdated version of MAME but I tried polpos marble and some others and those games are not loading. Just having the new Executable for MAME will render some older ROMS obsolete without the ROMS 170 update. Putting the bulk of the ROM's file size into the CHD file (Computer Hard Drive file). Keep on Pinballin' Edited by xenonph, 20 February 2016 - AM. So after I did the rom updates to 170, Centipede works again but I still can't get pole position (rom - polpos) or marble madness (rom = marble) How do I know if/what chd is needed for those games? When you upgrade to newer version of MAME 170, you will need the MAME 170 ROMS. The file size is 352.7 GB so be prepared for long download. The MAME CHD's were created to cut the size down on some roms, namely all the huge file sized roms.



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