Updating pkgsrc

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In general, packages for a given release are not updated until the next release (Open BSD lacks the developer resources for providing updates to packages on versions other than 'current').

If you want to upgrade your packages more regularly, you either need to use ports, or upgrade to a new snapshot, and then run pkg_add -ui again.

On Net BSD, you usually upgrade pkgsrc to the latest version (which is nothing more than tar -xvzf gz) and updates the installed software individually.

More information on the Net BSD/pkgsrc website: Hope this helps!

All I do, however is go from one release to the next, always just doing an update. Coming from the Linux world, I'm used to applying updates a few times a week; but how do I do that on *BSD? In general, when using Open BSD you only update your packages when you update your system.I configured the system so it works as my router and firewall, and it works quite well like that. So, as a final step, after upgrading to the latest release, you should execute: # pkg_add -ui Which will (u)pgrade your installed packages asking you any questions (i)nteractive when needed.



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