Updating rosters on madden 2016

Will think twice before spending on a EA game that has not been properly vetted. @apac202@apacheredhawk ****EDIT**** Unable to download roster update or tuning data: We are aware that some players were unable to play online because they couldn't download the roster update or tuning data.

Respectfully, Charles Hayman On madden 16 on the main load screen with Odell Beckem in the background it gets to "loading roster-official. We have fixed this issue and you should be able to download the updates without any problems.

I've deleted all the game content twice from my hard drive and nothing works,including unplugging and resetting cable multiple times.


I have had the game for over a week and had the game freeze on me once the first day during an hour play.Since then It freezes at the into screen and is stuck on "loading roster official" .They also have a tutorial on how to transfer everything. I'm in the same boat as you OP, I see 25 as a minor upgrade with issues.So I might as well save for GTAV, and go with the Madden 13...which is all the money the Madden series deserves nowadays.

Thank players and help them 'Level Up' by giving them XP.

Thank you for sharing your gaming expertise with your fellow players!



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