Updating spreadsheets


Similarly, when data located in a different workbook is referenced, the name of the workbook and the worksheet are included in the reference along with the cell location.The formula in row 3 in the image includes a reference to cell A1 located on sheet 1 of Book2 - the name of the second workbook.When listing a cell reference, the column letter is always listed first Cell references are used in formulas, functions, charts, and other Excel commands.One advantage to using cell references in spreadsheet formulas is that, normally, if the data located in the referenced cells changes, the formula or chart automatically updates to reflect the change.While references often refer to individual cells - such as A1, they can also refer to a group or range of cells.Ranges are identified by the cell references of the cells in the upper left and lower right corners of the range.The two cell references used for a range are separated by a colon ( : ) which tells Excel or Google Spreadsheets to include all the cells between these start and end points.An example of a range of adjacent cells is shown in row 3 of the image above where the SUM function is used to total the numbers in the range A2: A4.


If a workbook has been set not to automatically update when changes are made to a worksheet, a manual update can be carried out by pressing the F9 key on the keyboard.

Cell references uses are not restricted to the same worksheet where the data is located. When this occurs, the name of the worksheet is included as shown in the formula in row 3 in the image above which includes a reference to cell A2 on Sheet 2 of the same workbook.

There are three types of references that can be used in Excel and Google spreadsheets and they are easily identified by the presence or absence of dollar signs ($) within the cell reference: A second advantage to using cell references in formulas is that they make it easier to copy formulas from one location to another in a worksheet or workbook.

Relative cell references change when copied to reflect the new location of the formula.


A cell reference in spreadsheet programs like Excel and Google Spreadsheets identifies the location of a cell in the worksheet.

A cell is one of the box-like structures that fill a worksheet and each cell can be located by means of its cell reference - such as A1, F26 or W345 - consisting of the column letter and row number that intersect at the cell's location.



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