Updating suse


These files are text files that can be created by using the Custom Installation Wizard and exporting the settings.

You can also use a text editor to manually edit an existing file.

But one part of the deployment process we had struggled with was configuring Outlook.

Once the machine was placed, the technician had to login to the computer as the user and setup the Outlook profile.

The entire operating system runs from the DVD ROM drive, nothing is installed on your hard drive.

If you are on dial-up or your connection is flaky, you might want to explore another option.

Live DVD This method allows you to download the most current SUSE release onto a bootable DVD.

This was a twofold problem; the technician often didn’t know who the computer was going to be assigned to, and we never give out user passwords to technicians.

Our solution had been to reset the user’s password, tag every machine with the user’s login name and temporary password, login as the user, setup the profile, then forced the user to change their password the next time they logged in. I recently discovered you can preconfigure Outlook settings and save them to a file.



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