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If you’ve got a Twitter user that you want to keep an extra special eye on, Zapier can provide a big assist.Get an email when a specific Twitter user posts a new update.There’s a whole ecosystem of apps and services available now that allow us to use Twitter in more ways than ever before. Flipboard – Connect your Twitter account to Flipboard and it will create a beautiful magazine for all your Twitter feeds that you can flip through on the web (example), mobile and Windows 10 devices. Life On Twitter – Get interesting statistics and facts about your Twitter account (example). Tall Tweets – It lets you send tweets of any length by slicing your long tweet into multiple 140-character tweets (sample) and sending them in sequence. IFTTT / Zapier – Whether you want to tweet by email, cross-post tweets to Facebook, or need a way to easily upload your Instagram pictures as native photos on Twitter, these tools can easily automate such tedious tasks. Spruce / Canva / Adobe Post – Pick a photo, write some text and watch as these tools transform your text into a typographical masterpiece. Storify – A web-based app that helps you find and curate tweets around topics and turns them into stories. Twitter Counter – See how your Twitter circle has grown over time. Click To Tweet – The site will transform your text, say a quote, into a tweetable link. In order to prevent Twitter from doing so, insert a zero-width space after the dot. This guide curates the best tools that will help you get the most out of Twitter. Nuzzel – This works as an intelligent filter for Twitter and helps you discover the most popular news stories shared across your Twitter network. You can also pull in You Tube videos, Facebook posts and other content from the social web in your stories. Twitter Curator – This is like Storify for Google Docs (demo). They offer useful analytics and the same tweet can be simultneously published to Facebook and Linked In as well. Twitter Archiver – Specify a search phrase or an #hashtag and the archiver will pull in all matching tweets into a Google Sheet where they’ll live forever. Twitter RSS – Easily create RSS feeds for Twitter search results and subscribe to them inside Feedly or any other feed reader. Crowd Fire – A handy tool to keep track of your unfollowers, send auto DMs to new followers, find dormant users in your Twitter timeline and more. Egg Followers – Find all your Twitter followers that are still using the default egg as their profile picture. Some of this data is now available inside Twitter Analytics. Tweeps Map – It creates a Google Map of your followers so you know where they are coming from. Daily140 – Get a daily email with most recent follows and favorites of any 5 Twitter users of your choice. Tweriod – The tool analyzes the time when your followers are most active on Twitter. Pay With Tweet – Tweets are a form of social currency and some websites will happily give away design goodies, PDF ebooks, coupon codes, etc.

Note: Each time the email address associated with your Twitter account is updated, we will send an email notification to the previously-used email address alerting you of this change.

For more information on these types of alerts, read our Account security tips article.

You can search, filter and collect tweets right inside a Google Document. You can time your tweets accordingly for maximum reach. Sleeping Time – Know the time period when a particular Twitter user is least active online. Twitter Fontana / Visible Tweets – Show tweets for any search term in real-time on a big display.

Instacurate / Vellum – These will turn your Twitter timeline into a visual Pinterest style news site. Fake Tweets – With a little CSS, you can change the text of any tweet and create fake screenshots similar to the ones you regularly see on satire websites.

With our Twitter integration, anytime that user tweets, you'll get notified via email.Twitter is a social network that lets you publish 140-character messages, called "Tweets", that can be seen by an international audience in real-time.



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