Updating usb ports

For what its worth I also have a usb recording/audio interface and it would stop working in 1.10 but works flawlessly in 1.09.

Sometimes they malfunction and automatically disconnect and then reconnect after a few seconds.

This configuration, while quite stable, robs the computer of much of its possible speed.

By simply updating the port controller to USB 2.0, the speed of all your USB peripherals nearly quadruples.

I tried everything from a full scan of anti-virus and malwarebytes but nothing is fixed.

Find 'USB selective suspend setting' and change it to disabled. It shouldn't be necessary but it's worth a try if nothing above worked: Classically, older computers come with outdated USB port controllers running USB version 1.1.And most of the time they just stop working until I restart my laptop. Click 'Change advanced power setting' on your chosen plan. I just formatted the PC and installed the drivers from the CD that came with it.

I have not had the flickering issues on 1.09 either.

Also running CAD software and 1.10 was absolutely unusable for me.



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