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Your organization's Point-Of-Contact (POC) will receive an email, notifying them of the new update folder, and allowing them to sign-in using their email address.Note: When a new release occurs, POC's will be granted access to the Hosted~FTP~ via their email address. For common issues specific to using software update with Baxter, check out the Troubleshooting page.Along with updating the software on the robot to version rsdk_1.2.0, you will want to update your Workstation-side SDK software from the git repository to the corresponding v1.2.0.To do this, follow the Workstation Update Instructions.Note: These instructions are for updating from 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 to 1.2.0.

Users are instructed to make a complete copy of the data in the ruser's home directory onboard the robot to an external machine prior to upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.2.0.This is due to an update in this release which allows us Rethink to factory reset the robots during service.



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