Updating wrought iron porch columns


It is currently being re-fabricated to fit back in its original location. The old column used to have the leaf and scroll work all through the inside of the column.

I had "G" remove it but alas that was years ago, before I started blogging, so no pictures showing how truly ugly it was.

Within the various selections out there, you can find wrought iron front porch columns, wrought iron decorative porch columns as well as wrought iron exterior porch columns among other products.


Of course the design of the columns matter as much as the material: you could find very clean and simple columns made out of wrought iron as well as very ornate and decorative ones.

When it comes to finding the right ones for your home, it can certainly be a bit tricky.

It can otherwise look a bit off if you go with a whole new set of materials and styles in terms of porch columns on a house, however if your house is old and has lots of decorative accents, then this could be a wonderful choice.

A wrought iron porch column fits great with many different decors, however most of them time period specific.

Since the width of the original metal column was 10-1/2" inches wide, we used 12" wide cedar.

"G" cut the boards to fit and using clamps created the box.



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