Updating your passport in canada


Download the Adult Simplified Renewal Abroad Passport Application (PDF*, 372 KB).On occasion, NEXUS will need to contact you regarding program changes.Therefore, please ensure that NEXUS always has your current contact information on file.Important update for the Consulate General of Canada, Sydney The passport program has experienced an unprecedented influx of applications as a result of the new requirement for dual citizens to travel to Canada using their Canadian passports.


Download the PPTC 040 Adult Passport Application (Abroad) - (PDF*, 399 KB).

Canadians living abroad who meet specific eligibility criteria may apply for a new Canadian passport through the simplified renewal application process.

NEXUS members can access the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) to update address changes and passport information that is already on file.

Even if you did not apply using GOES, you can still confirm or update your information by creating a GOES account, which enables you to view and modify your file.


We are working diligently to get through the backlog.

Applications to obtain new or replacement passports can either be downloaded and printed from the internet, picked up from our offices, or may be mailed to you.



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