Updating your pc

While it's possible to add your music library using a mobile controller, it's best to use a Mac or Windows computer as it will automatically adjust the necessary settings.


Took my Windows 10 system (not my main system) about 30 minutes to finish. Check your programs after it's finished, after the upgrade I found some missing.

For me it removed CPU-z, HWMonitor, Logitech Setpoint and

Sonos Controller App for i OS or Android: If you make changes to your music library often, you can schedule automatic music index updates.

Once setup, Sonos will scan your library for changes once a day at a time you specify.

Sonos makes it easy to stream your music library from any computer or network-attached storage (NAS) device on your network throughout your home.

Add your music from up to 16 different computers in a matter of minutes.



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