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The answer is simple: over a time span of several thousand years women have developed the unique ability to make .Women cannot just walk up to a man and “hit” on him.Women use a nice blend of several components: body posture, looks, gesticulation, movement, talking – it’s the sum of way: just like words and phrases in languages, certain patterns of behaviour will repeat themselves when women show interest. Fast forward 5 minutes and you are still standing at the very same spot.howing their interest in girls is something that men do in an all-or-nothing fashion: confident men will approach women outright and strike up a flirtous conversation, while not-so-confident men will stay in the back.There, they stay passive and find excuses why they do not approach the object of their desire.They send out signs that almost blend in with the environment.It is like whispering: hard to hear, but still audible.



At the same time their secret language is more than just.If it was that easy then all you would have to do is study their posture in order to see behind the curtains – needless to say that there is much more to it than that.If you wanted to tell if and when a girl likes you then the only thing missing now would be your first lesson in he language in which women communicate is no verbal language.The spoken word almost falls flat when it comes to how women show their interest in you.

Ultimately, they become masters in the one art that is Now, if women communicate their interest in subtle ways then how can you tell when they try to ‘communicate’ with you? And, most importantly, how do you pick up on these signals?

f language plays a small role in the way women tell you that they like you then what plays the main role?



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