Validating checkboxes using php

Given the great variety of information that can be represented, a series of grids exist whose purpose is to facilitate the user in showing specific kinds of information.For instance, there is a grid designed to show text: the String Grid.Documentation for that grid can be found here As one of the objectives of this page is to help people with little or no previous Lazarus knowledge let's do a quick starting example of grids in action.Why not, let's make a traditional "hello world" example using the TString Grid Component.This text will therefore try to reach the following objectives: A grid is a component that provides a means for displaying data in tabular format.

The current grid components differ from Delphi grids in several ways.When first developed the Lazarus grids were created from scratch without any attempt to make them fully Delphi-compatible.This text will try to show the user some aspects of the grids components in Lazarus.It is also intended to serve as a guide for users who have never used grids before (as experienced users generally only need a reference for new functionality).


The type of information that can be shown in a grid varies and mainly depends on what the user wants to show.Generally this information consists of text, colors, images or a combination of those three.


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