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Watch the video of my Millionaire Mind Intensive Review below: Now, to go into some specifics of what I learned at the seminar.

Toronto might be the best city in Canada to snag a millionaire husband — and, perhaps surprisingly, the second best in North America.

That’s according to data from Seeking, a website that sets up wealthy men (mostly) with women looking for wealthy men (mostly).

Toronto has 2,327 millionaire website members “actively searching for partners,” the Toronto Sun reports.

That places it just above third-place Los Angeles and below first-place New York, with 4,101 members. It may be that rich Canadians are lonelier than their U. counterparts, or more inclined to use an online dating service.

It was actually my second time attending the seminar, and I think I may have gotten more out of it this time than the last.I’m excited to share my Millionaire Mind Intensive Review here with you, along with a 10-minute video that I recorded of myself and a sneak preview of the event. Harv Eker is famous for writing the best-selling book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, which goes deeply into the inner game of wealth. Harv Eker is well-known for making the statement, “Give me 5 minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life.” The way that he can confidently say that is because he’s determined that we all have a MONEY BLUEBRINT that has been engrained into our subconscious mind and determines our financial destiny.


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    For instance, if a woman needs a little help or extra assistance, it's sexy when the man steps in and voluntarily takes care of her, and it's equally as important to his masculinity that he can do these things for her.

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    p.m.: Jimmy Kimmel changed into a white tuxedo and introduced Laverne Cox.

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