Vanessa bronfman dating


“We cater to a very sophisticated group of young adults,” she explains over eggs at The Smile, a café/tattoo parlor near the apartment she shares with Roth in Manhattan’s East Village.“It’s about bringing awareness and saying, ‘Hey, being green is sexy.’ ” INVESTOR DJ Bronfman spins weekly at NYC’s Sway and Hotel Griffou, a restaurant where she is also an investor.Sure, it helps that her brother Ben is engaged to M. A., and that Bronfman herself is dating rapper Asher Roth (whom she met through Kid Cudi’s DJ, then linked to her sister Vanessa—oh, the hipness).But it’s also clear that Bronfman is bringing her own flavor to the equation as she sets out to conquer the worlds of fashion, music, and nightlife.I bring a certain crowd.” GROWING UP BRONFMAN Although Bronfman’s parents divorced when she was 2, she shuttled freely between her mother’s Riverside Drive apartment and her father’s place on the Upper East Side.Bronfman, who works on mixed-media installations in her Brooklyn studio, will graduate from Bard College in December with a degree in sculpture.Despite her artistic bent, she’s quite the businesswoman.


GREEN GENES This month, Bronfman and Ben are launching a 100 percent sustainable, organic clothing line called Green Owl (also the name of Ben’s record company, which uses a tour bus that runs on vegetable fuel).The label features T-shirts, cardigans, and windbreakers made with material that includes recycled Coke cans.


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