Vanna pat dating

I'm talking about Vanna White, the lovely former letter-turner, now letter-toucher.

WHITE: Oh, I was -- yes, I was getting ready to leave the house, and my son walked up.


THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Now guest host Pat Sajak gets Vanna White to spell out all her secrets. I hope he is relaxing, although I have trouble picturing Larry actually relaxing.

You have a new -- it's a little, dare we say, sexier? And they said: Well, I think we have found someone.

SAJAK: I'm trying to boost ratings for our show, as much as I can. And Janet Jones, who was a dancer, who is now Janet Gretzky, introduced me to Merv's people. SAJAK: They already found -- they thought they had the new girl.

We were -- now, I wasn't all that -- I was still fairly new to the show.

WHITE: Well, first of all, I was I went to a taping of "Dance Fever," which was a Merv Griffin show.

SAJAK: How well do you remember your audition on the show, because we went through lots of -- we -- Merv Griffin went through all the pictures of the young ladies. I've never told you what I'm going to tell you, nor have I ever said in an interview.

(END VIDEO CLIP) SAJAK: I'm going to make a dramatic confession to you. So they said: If we haven't made a decision, here is my card.

(END VIDEO CLIP) ANNOUNCER: Tonight: They're the winning team from "Wheel of Fortune," the most successful game show in TV history. Larry King enjoying a little well deserved down time. And I'm here with a woman who has been co-host -- hostess -- I don't know what her title is, exactly -- of the most popular show in television syndication history.

VANNA WHITE, CO-HOST, "WHEEL OF FORTUNE": Thank you. Was that contract thing, where you said: I'm just real tired of turning the letters?


SAJAK: All right, let's get over the lying right now. WHITE: Thank you SAJAK: Now, tell them what your son said when you left the house tonight. He said: "It is your skin." SAJAK: That's right: mommy showing some skin here.


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