Variable accommodating resistance training machines

It’s the only row machine that uses adjustable bodyweight resistance on an incline.The Total Gym Row Trainer has an added strength component to it in addition to the natural resistance of working against gravity at an incline.The Total Gym Row Trainer helps enhance basic core stability and strengthens basic musclegroups.

Designed for multi-planar movement including exercises such as biceps curls and an alternating side to side row, the Row Trainer is fun to use and user friendly, accommodating all fitness levels.CLICK HERE to see different exercise options on the Row Trainer.Thus it enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion due to concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise while providing low impact compression on the joints, especially the lower spine. At the highest level the resistance is 20% of bodyweight and at the lowest 17% of bodyweight.The Row Trainer also comes with a bungee that adds an additional 0-15lbs of resistance. The Elevate Circuit can accommodate over 80 exercises and comprisesof 6 units in total.

The Total Gym Core Trainer, Total Gym Leg Trainer, Total Gym Pull-up Trainer, Total Gym Press, Trainer, Total Gym Jump Trainer and the Total Gym Row Trainer.

The Trident AR Rower is in a class by itself when it comes to commercial rowing machines for sale in the fitness industry.


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