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Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself - L Gilbert ...Stop going out on dates with people who don’t share your core values. I'm looking for someone who gets on with children and love animals I don't want some one who is married or with someone) . Vegan Enjoying myself going out for meals coffee cinema. I'm pretty happy with my life - work, friends (mostly female - as a sensitive kind of guy I just tend ... Instead of going to the same old restaurants and pubs for dinner, try new vegetarian restaurants that will make your taste-buds soar! I am vegan with a great love for ALL of God's creation. Vegan I'm an outward looking 45 year old guy looking to spend time with someone with similar interests - from there just see how it goes - hopefully at the very least I'd gain a friend but maybe more. Having my children and watching my grandchildren grow up. Would prefer a vegetarian or vegan partner, someone who shares my interests. I'm keen to discover which part of Venus you come from? Exploring I am very happy the way I am watching my grandchildren grow up and watching them having a happy future when adults.Find a date who shares your veggie way of life now on Vegetarian Dating!



Start dating the right way at We Love Dates Vegetarian!For the most part, no two veggies are created alike and many vegetarians feel very strongly about their dietary preferences, and rightfully so!


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