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Some of us are more concious than others when it comes to our attention span online, but as marketers we’ve literally got seconds to attract, engage and resonate with your potential customers or clients online – which is where the visual power of video comes into play.From product demonstrations to full ad campaigns, our talented video crew collaborators from bring a highly respectable folio. A great video comes together well when we have all your ducks in a row – from the overall campaign strategy and business objectives, through to structuring the presentation, carefully producing a crafty script, setting up the various shoot environments, and the actual shoot itself.Over the past twelve months, we have been working on a complete rebranding and repositioning for the product.The first major step was to create a new brand name that better reflected the ion cleaning technology.But neither the brand nor the technology (which does not need toothpaste to work) has never truly broken through the traditional dentifrice category – despite some 2.5 million Soladey users worldwide.What Box is hoping to change all that – particularly in North America.


It need not cost the Earth to get video produced with What Box.

Video and animation are by far the most effective methods of engaging your audience in today’s time-poor and hugely impatient online world.


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