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Rune Scape grew dramatically; one year after its release over a million free accounts had been registered.

The game was originally supported by advertisements, however, the Dot-com bubble meant that there were fewer advertisers willing or able to sign with Jagex.

Following the launch of the Flash-based War of Legends, the company name was said to stand for "Just About the Game Experience".

On 23 October 2007, Geoff Iddison, former European CEO of Pay Pal, replaced Constant Tedder as CEO in order to "accelerate international growth." Iddison resigned as CEO in January 2009, and was replaced by Mark Gerhard, who had been Jagex CTO before his appointment.

That same year they began work on the MMORPG Rune Scape, which was released in January 2001.

In December 2001, Andrew Gower, Paul Gower, and Constant Tedder launched Jagex in its current incarnation, with Tedder as its CEO.

One of the first tasks of the new company was to create a paid version of the game with extra features, to support hosting costs and continued development.

This was achieved on 27 February 2002 when the pay-to-play version of Rune Scape was released.

In 2010 the company turned over revenues of £44,520,000 and operating profits of £18,794,000.

In 2011 revenue increased by 2% to £45,345,000, but profit decreased by 43% to £10,658,000.


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