Video chat with asian girls online without credits


3) No need to use Split Camera/Cam Splitter anymore, you broadcast only one stream and become visible on multiple websites at the same time!


We are inviting affiliates to join Model Net with own chat website, out benefits: 1) you don’t send traffic to sponsor website but sending it to your own domain name which is live cam site 2) each webmaster could have his own skin, domain name, it could be customized and it has its own database with information stored in 3) webmaster can send traffic to his website with models from Model Net and the same time recruit own models 4) main difference from a co-branded website is now each webmaster build his own customers database which is far more important than sending traffic to 3rd party resource.

We also invite individual models: 1) models can get own customers base on own website and the same time build webcam site 2) each chat model could be published into Model Net and become visible on all webcam sites based on Web Video at the same time.


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