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Tom Stanton, from Peterborough, was one of those who refused to do the overtime.He lives in Thailand, making a living through modelling and advertising work, which are better paid than the film industry.The last straw came with an announcement by German production manager Ralf Eisenmann that overtime would be paid at 200 baht (£4) an hour and extras would get just half that for transport home after midnight.The Railway Man is the story of Lomax, a Scottish officer in the Royal Signals who was tortured by the Japanese Kempeitai military police after being taken prisoner in Singapore in 1941 and sent to work on the Death Railway.


Film companies come to Thailand for its cheap labour and pick up extras to play foreigners in films by word of mouth, or through leafleting bars.The former coal-mining village of Skellow, near Doncaster, had no previous claim to fame, until one Twitter-user posted the search engine findings showing a naked man as a screen grab which has now gone viral.During the English Civil War a cannon battery was set up in the village by Oliver Cromwell to protect the Great North Road, now the A1. All day long they had been kept at a Thai railway marshalling yard in the tropical heat, covered in grime, drenched in sweat, prodded and pushed by Japanese guards shouting from the tops of cattle trucks that the prisoners were expected to board.

Extras standing along the train lines at the Bangsue train yard in Bangkok, Thailand on the set of The Railway Man.The mounds that once held the cannon still remain in the village.


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