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After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson with a degree in business management, he changed career paths.He received his Culinary Arts diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan in 2010, completing his externship at the world renowned Eleven Madison Park in New York under Chef Daniel Humm.We are pleased to announce that Chef Chris Voigtsberger has joined us as the new Chef/Owner at Acacia.Chris was born and raised in New Jersey, and currently lives in Hamilton.For the past two years he has been sous chef at the popular Blue Bottle Café in Hopewell, where he worked under Chef Aaron Philipson. Leonard was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Mercer County’s Culinary Institute under the supervision of Chef Frank Benowitz.

We take pride in showcasing what New Jersey has to offer while putting our own spin on familiar dishes.

He spent the next year and a half learning all the stations in the kitchen at Ninety Acres Culinary Center in Peapack, New Jersey.

He then returned to Manhattan to work at Degustation, where he became sous chef after six months.

From our food to our service, we strive to give our guests an exceptional dining experience, one that they can come to expect time and time again.


Our dedication to uncomplicated excellence extends to our service as well.

We believe that delicious food is best enjoyed in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


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