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"A brilliant new science of nutrition, grown out of the discovery of synthetic vitamins, is demonstrating that old age need no longer be regarded as a sad dragging out of existence.We all hold out hope for better birthday gifts (and Christmas, Mother’s Day, Hanukkah, etc).

This archive contains every-single-edition of Reader’s Digest from 1938 up to the present day.

Every month, as a new issue hits the newsagents–or your door mat if you’re a subscriber­–we take a look back and share with you a piece of RD history. As you can see it was a year of great cultural significance.

(Click here to read.) Today we are forming a negative expert opinion surrounding the amount of supplements the average adult takes, interestingly, in 1957, chemical nutrition was relatively new, and were encouraged by the research, particularly vitamin: B.

The crux of this argument was to stave off old age–sound familiar?

And this figure, the latest available, is probably much the same today.

Included were 17,100 men and 6,900 women suffering from ulcers.


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