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The laptop will receive updates over the Internet to expand the robot’s capabilities and vocabulary.Since Hines is a soccer fan, it can already discuss Manchester United, he said. Highlights: The initial concept for the current sex robot began with a conversation several years ago.

Right now I couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a handful of condoms,' Charlie - who's on an HIV drug called Pro 140 - joked.She can talk to you, listen to you and feel your touch. J.-based True Companion LLC, said Roxxxy can carry on simple conversations.The real aim, he said, is to make the doll someone the owner can talk to and relate to.On 9/11/2001, that good friend also passed away in Tower 1 at the World Trade Center. so, this made Douglas think seriously about how to implement a robotic representation of a person and have it reflect that person’s personality.

'It doesn't give me a great opening line: "Hey, I've got HIV - busy later?

The world’s first sex robot ‘Roxxxy’ by True Companion knows your name, your likes and dislikes, can carry on a discussion and expresses her love to you and be your loving friend.


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