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But it was still a good example of how Facebook, through a natural evolution of its software, has begun intertwining with our basic wants and needs.

Last week, I received access to the beta version of M, which lives inside Facebook Messenger, through happenstance.

Of course, he eventually falls in love with her (it? Facebook M, the social network’s text-based virtual assistant, is only in its infancy, but I couldn’t help feeling like ’s Theodore Twombly when I had it order me a sausage breakfast burrito.I didn’t even have to open a new browser tab, but I did have to go pick it up down the street — Amazon is trying to solve that problem via drones, I’m told.The few dozen contractors take the steering wheel whenever the query is beyond M’s capabilities, though Facebook says humans monitor communication from start to finish. A real person saw the request come through M and made the phone call to Good Eats Cafe on Pine Street here in San Francisco, putting it in under my name.Had the cafe had its own online ordering system, like many pizza places do, M could have used my credit card on file with Facebook to pay for the order automatically.


Placing an online food order is a neat example of lifestyle automation, but M felt revelatory when I had it call Amazon’s customer service line for me.I told M I wanted to check on a refund I was promised for an item that never arrived because it was damaged in transit.


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