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This is code for sex - horribly rigid, polygonal sex.

Hidden away in the darkest corners of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' code lies the fabled 'Hot Coffee' mini-game, and it's only available if you actively seek it out by modifying the game. Once the right switches are flipped, successfully going on dates (which were a normal part of the San Andreas experience) will eventually lead to a moment where your girlfriend casually invites you inside for a hot cuppa joe.

Through the use of avatars, people can create another identity that is available only through the online world.

Various types of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles give people an almost endless way to create their new alter ego.

Though it's surprisingly tame in comparison to some of the others on this list (everyone remains fully clothed for the duration), it's CJ's mouth-agape expression that makes this scene the stuff of nightmares.


As video games grow more sophisticated, so too do the stories they try to tell.

Movies and books tell stories of the wide range of human emotion and interactions, and those moments are bound to include sexual intimacy - so why can't games get in on this action, too?


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