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Mindfire has rich expertise in developing Android applications and software.

We describe some of these Android development project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

i Phone, Android The objective of this project is to develop an i Phone/Android app for school extending their already established CMS system for schools.

The application is a skinnable framework that interfaces to school's site servers via a SOAP based data exchange.

The approach of developing this application was by starting with existing Adobe AIR Stat Recorder application provided by the client.

According to their application and details the Application includes the activities like, User verification Login System , Game selection , Team Selection , Adding a new Schedule, Edit or delete an existing schedule , Player details entry system , Checki In before game starts , Online Game score update on its website for both team in the ongoing schedule , Score entry for each player ,correction of score after finishing the game, Deleting the expired game and preparing roster for both team etc.

Secure access for mature video content will be provided.

Facebook Connect will be used allowing users to share their experience with their social network.



The app is module based so the it can be extended easily in the future by developing additional modules in the future.

We have developed the two version of this app one is for i Phone and another is for Android.


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