Waka flocka dating karlie redd

The encounter ends on a bitter note, with their musical partnership on shaky ground. Nicks in the studio to help Scrappy’s mom with her music. He sees it as a way to get out of his relationship with Amber and continue his pursuit of Tiarra.He also uses it as a chance to come clean about his affair with Amber. Tammy is feeling lonely in the aftermath of her and Waka Flocka‘s mutual decision to separate and confides in Bambi to get her feelings off of her chest.She pleads to have a second chance with Lyfe, but he’s unconvinced that Karlie isn’t fit to be a mother and wife at this stage in his life and decides to move on. Smith voices her criticism of Ariane as an artist and feels that something is blocking her from fully becoming the singer she should be.Karlie feels that she gave Lyfe all of her and that whatever she does, it’s not enough to keep a man in her life. This leads to Ariane feeling a bit of shade on Smith’s part and becomes less than receptive to her words.“I had just moved into a new place and he said he was gonna come jump the fence.” The couple also revealed that one side effect of the Waka and Tammy separation was Waka’s return to church. “Being a rapper wasn’t something I ever wanted to do.” To find out a whole lot more–including what Beyonce’s Lemonade had to do with the couple’s breakup, and whether or not Meet the Flokas is about to become reality–check out the video below: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 concludes Monday night on VH1.“I can’t be 35 years old with a 22-year-old girl, 20-year-old girl, 19-year-old girl,” Waka explained. The two-part reunion special is expected to air August 1st and 8th.In fact, the interview was so in-depth that it wound up touching on topics far beyond the realm of the Waka and Tammy separation: the couple addressed Tammy’s alleged pregnancy, the state of , and why Tammy decided to give him another chance, among many, many other topics. Like, ‘Hold up.’ I know I’m married, but I can still be over here like ‘Yo, I’m gonna take that sh!“My thing was, I was just trying to impress friends. Like, still tryin’ to be like that, ‘Yeah, I can get girls.’ You know what I’m saying? t over.'” “It was childish,” Tammy added, and the Breakfast Club‘s hosts agreed.

“He said he was gonna jump my fence,” Tammy said, laughing. “Being a role model is something I want to do,” Waka concluded, later in the interview.She maintains the two aren’t getting a divorce, but needs time to sort out their differences and grow as individuals. It appeared as if Lyfe Jennings was prepared to propose to Karlie Redd at the end of the last week’s episode, but the R&B crooner explains that it’s actually a parting gift, as he will no longer be dating Karlie any longer.Lyfe alleges that Karlie wasn’t honest about the state of their relationship, pointing to her fling with Scrapp De Leon as proof of her philandering ways.

fans may be coming to a close, but Waka still has to go before the court of public opinion and explain why he cheated on Tammy in the first place.And, to Waka’s credit, he did so in a far-reaching interview with , and with Tammy Rivera sitting by his side.



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