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On the heels of our recent series on automation and productivity hacks, it occurred to me that some of you might have to do spreadsheets more often than I do.


You’ll need to know this in case you have to create reports for presentations and want to include an Excel sheet for reference.For example, say you run a small telemarketing company.After Excel completes what you started typing, you have different options: If you have several names beginning with ‘J’ then you need to type a few more characters until Excel can suggest the correct value.For instance, if you have already entered ‘John’, ‘Jess’ and ‘James’ in one column and want to enter ‘John’ then you need to type ‘Jo’ and Excel will then fill in the rest of the name.

In an effort to help us all, I went in search of the most helpful Excel hacks to make data entry and calculation easier. Note that you can click the links for full visuals of all the tips.Here’s a tip that saves you time if you need to enter data that’s already been placed somewhere in the column above. When you down one cell to row 2, start typing ‘J.’ Excel automatically enters the full name ‘John’ and highlights the ‘ohn’ black so you can accept or reject Excel’s suggestion.



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