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The pictures below were all taken by me at protests between 20 in the San Francisco Bay Area.


And I am just one photographer in one city — there are innumerable similar examples by other citizen journalists in other cities across America.[Update:] Various other blogs have now also posted their own documentation of Bush-as-Hitler signs: - Ringo’s Pictures has an extensive roundup of Bush/Hitler/Nazi signs from Los Angeles protests, with even more examples than I have here.At recent rallies, town hall meetings and “tea parties,” a few protesters have shown up with signs comparing Obama to Hitler (i.e.depicting him with a Hitler mustache), or displaying swastikas in the context of implying that Obama and/or his administration are Nazi-like.


One would think that this would not be particularly newsworthy, but Democrats, the White House and their supporters are expressing outrage at this “horrifying” and “menacing” turn of events.

(Or faux-outrage, at least.) Pundits, bloggers, media outlets and even top politicians like Nancy Pelosi are claiming that such signs are unprecedented, racist, and even that anyone who brings a swastika to a protest must be self-identifying as a Nazi (instead of accusing their opponents of being Nazis).



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