Washburn dating

The businessman was also a fervent Congregationalist, abolitionist and philanthropist who believed in the rights of all people to an education.Washburn was sent before the age of 9 to learn leather harness-making because his widowed mother could not provide for him.He later became an apprentice blacksmith and learned machinery.By the time he was 33, in 1831, Washburn had developed a machine and technique that made wire stronger and easier to produce, which ultimately lead to his fortune.Learn much more about the history of Washburn University through this 11-page chapter provided to incoming students in the First Year Experience.


It was the primary domestic producer of piano wire and crinoline wire, which became an affordable alternative to whale bone in the popular hoop skirts of the 1850s and ’60s.

Washburn and Moen produced tons of telegraph wire and after Washburn’s death the company secured a patent for and mass produced barbed wire, which fenced the homesteads of the American West. Butterfield, a professor and lead fundraiser at financially struggling Lincoln College in Kansas, visited Washburn’s home in Worcester, Mass.



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