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We use the highest quality "anti-virus spray" on pages but have no control over external website links in the Chat Room. We will delete and ban "Spam" as needed when we see it. Ask your question and come back later to see if there are any replies.If you are asking a question, please plan it ahead of time. Please note that this ham radio chat room is experimental.When ready to send your message, press Enter on your keyboard.You will see your message come up in the chat window below the last entry.The club's W8IRC / QRZ bot is available in some of the channels listed below. The following is a list of known ham radio related IRC channels with regular activity... Many members are hams while others are either preparing for tests or just interested in the reception of interesting signals.

Check him out on the HHH Net and the 3905 Century Club nets. And let us know of any updates to the list of known channels below. WB5OD - BSOD Amateur Radio Club Chat about digital/packet communications as well as SDR rx/tx technology.

Add to your DExtra or DPlus hosts file to connect until the official host files are updated. The reflector is open for general use and experimentation.



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