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She became nervous that the computer, which was in her bedroom, had been hacked, and that someone was watching her, she told the FBI. Police found a log of her instant messages in Mijangos’ home.




if I don’t hear from you then your family will hear from me.”Only the FBI and the Glendale, California, police know whether K. They arrested Luis Mijangos, 31, a Mexican citizen who said he earned ,000 a week writing computer programs and designing websites.

Paraplegic ever since he was paralyzed at age 18 when he strayed into a gunfight between two rival gangs, Mijangos was charged last week with extorting women for “sexually compromising photographs.” Laura Eimiller, spokesperson at the FBI’s Los Angeles bureau, says that the investigation is continuing into Mijangos’ possible links with other hackers, and additional charges have not been ruled out.


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