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In 1754, Wedgwood joined with the renowned Thomas Whieldon of Fenton.

For a number of years, Whieldon had produced the most creative and esteemed pottery in England.

The history of Wedgwood begins with the birth of the company’s founder, Josiah Wedgwood, in 1730.


While working with Whieldon, Wedgwood devoted much of his time to experimenting with clay formulas and glazing techniques.

Within 3 years, Wedgwood had a desire to open his own pottery mill.

In an early letter to a friend, he described his dissatisfaction by saying he was tired of learning the “art, misery, occupation, and employment of throwing and handling.” He left the Churchyard Works and retired to his grandfather’s country estate.

For a brief period, Josiah Wedgwood was a partner with the Cliff Bank firm.


Josiah Wedgwood’s grandfather built the Churchyard Works, a member of the Staffordshire Potteries, during the late 1600’s.

By the age of 6, Josiah Wedgwood began working as an apprentice at the Churchyard Works making pitchers, pots, bowls, and vases.


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